The following tunes were written with a small jazz group in mind. I think that most tunes would work particularly well with a combo consisting of drums, bass, guitar, trumpet, and tenor.

Please play my tunes!
Please give them to people you think might like them!
Please don't take credit for them!

    1. A Brief Reprieve
    2. Bakery Jazz
    3. Big Beard
    4. Blues for Arnold
    5. Brighton Parade
    6. Bubbles
    7. Cahill 3
    8. Captain Kuyk
    9. CVVVB.pdf
    10. Fin du Rob
    11. Fog Lifter
    12. For Three Friends
    13. FYKW
    14. GB Before and After
    15. Girl at Home
    16. Grape Ape
    17. Happy Birthday Josh
    18. Heidi's Morning After
    19. Laundry Song
    20. Pocket Fun
    21. Remember Paul Grey
    22. Swim
    23. 3000 Years
    24. 2-part blues
    25. TQA
    26. What's Wrong With That Man? home